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The kitchen is the heart of every home, and homes are incomplete without a spacious and luxurious kitchen.

Kitchen renovation is not only about replacing kitchen cabinets or countertops. It’s about building the kitchen of your dreams- a place to cook delicious food for your family or gather with them for a cup of coffee.

Our home renovation service are perfect for anyone who is looking to remodel their outdated kitchens into tasteful masterpieces that make your home unique and different.

Complete kitchen remodeling addresses every possible detail, including kitchen layouts, cabinetry sections, countertops replacement, lighting, flooring and backlash options.

Whether you have a traditional style, contemporary, transitional or eclectic, or have a small, big, or medium budget; our kitchen remodeling services perfectly fit your budget and style!


Kitchen Renovation: 5 Signs Your Kitchen Needs A Renovation

Confused about whether or not your kitchen requires a renovation? 

These 5 signs will help you decide whether you need to contact a kitchen renovation company!

1. You have an old kitchen

Kitchens over 5-6 years older need a kitchen renovation, and the usual spots that surely need a renovation will be your sink, faucet, kitchen countertop, dishwasher, flooring and fridge. Undertake complete kitchen remodelling services for a more aesthetically pleasing and functional kitchen.

2. You are shifting into a new house

Kitchen renovation is a must when you move into a new house, as a well-designed kitchen adds more appeal to your home and makes it more vibrant and attractive.

3. When the damages cannot be repaired

It’s time for kitchen remodelling when you see kitchen damage that cannot be repaired. You can notice the damage in the kitchen cabinets, countertops, flooring, plumbing, gas lines, drywalls, etc. You must contact a kitchen remodeling company to assist you with the kitchen renovation process.

4. When you are reselling the property

Remodelling your kitchen before selling it is a home improvement that instantly increases your home value! Prospect buyers usually consider the kitchen as an essential indicator for purchase.

5. When you need more extensive kitchen storage

Having spacious kitchen storage is one of the primary reasons for kitchen renovation. For clients that wish to expand their kitchen storage, we examine their current storage capacity and kitchen cabinets, after which we advise them about the best layout styles, cabinet door styles, and location for your brand new kitchen.


Customised Kitchens That Suit Your Lifestyle 

Our priority is to give you the kitchen of your dreams, to turn your ideas into reality and make you fall in love with your new kitchen!

We select full customised kitchen design and bathroom renovations ideas that perfectly blend with your lifestyle and home personality.

Our kitchen and cabinetry are made locally in Ireland, and we only use locally sourced materials that ensure complete control over design and quality.

Our experienced teams have worked on several kitchen remodelling projects and even will help you figure out a kitchen style and layout that matches your home style and aspirations.

Our team takes care of everything from creating kitchen layouts and sourcing the required materials to the construction aspect; our specialists are here to take care of every step of your renovation with the highest degree of skill and detail.

Our skillful team comprises project managers, interior designers, plumbers, electricians, painters, and decorators- all the crucial support needed for successful kitchen renovation services.

A well-designed kitchen that makes your home look perfect, and we are here to help you achieve that perfection!

Whether you wish for a contemporary, modern, industrial, mid-century, Scandinavian design, an L-shaped, U-shaped peninsula, or an island kitchen, we give you exactly that!

Our kitchen designers work with you one-on-one to help you select the right style, colour and function, which makes your kitchen one of its kind!

From budget-friendly to hand-crafted luxury options, Kaizen Build offers you quality kitchen remodelling services for your homes.

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Contact us today at +085 256 1821 or you can email us at now to start your kitchen journey!

Frequently Asked Question's

A kitchen remodel is a comprehensive, project that usually includes everything from updating the cabinets and flooring to adding a new sink and range. On the other hand, a kitchen renovation is typically a more limited project that may simply involve updating or replacing some of the cabinets and appliances. So it is suggested to consult a proper kitchen renovation company for this.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the cost of a kitchen remodeling will vary depending on the size, layout and features of your kitchen. However, there are some general guidelines that can help you come up with a realistic budget for your project.

Most kitchen renovations take anywhere from one to four months. However, this time frame can vary depending on the size, scope, and complexity of the project. In general, though, most renovations will take between two and four weeks. But in order to get an exact figure consult with a professional who does kitchen remodeling services.

There is no one answer to this question as it depends on your specific situation and kitchen remodel. However, in general, most homeowners feel that it is possible to live in their house during a kitchen remodel, provided that the work is done slowly and carefully by an expert kitchen renovation company.

The remodeling process typically begins with a consultation with the homeowner to map out their desired changes. This includes determining what type of renovation is needed, such as updating the kitchen or bathroom, adding a new bedroom, or completely redoing the home’s interior.

A kitchen remodel can include a variety of changes, from new cabinets and flooring to updated appliances. However, the majority of the time, a kitchen remodel includes updates to the cooking area itself.

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