Please be aware that In order to maintain our high quality service and ensure accountability for our work we only offer full renovation and/or remodelling of a bathroom. We cannot stand over other contractors work or previous works and as such we strictly adhere to overseeing the entire works from consultation to final handover.

Is this a complete remodel and renovations of your bathroom?

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    If you have chosen a wetroom fit out we strongly recommend choosing floor to ceiling tiling but at a minimum half tiling. Please also note the shower area of a wetroom will require full floor to ceiling tiling

    Tiling and sizes will be discussed in detail during any onsite assessment booking made after you receive our online estimate in a few minutes. However we ask you to select a tile style ad size as certain tile stock can be difficult to procure and we may need to make a note of the same on your installation scope of works.



    Check out our Tiling guide to help you with your tiling choices



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