About Us

About Us

Kaizen Build was started to fill a need in the market for a customer centric service offering a youthful and digitised approach to the construction and building service industry. At Kaizen Build we pride ourselves in our upfront and friendly service treating peoples homes as our own and only offering a premium service. Carpentry is one of the oldest professions in the world and by combining this with a digital platform we offer a report based, real time updated service giving the customer and in touch, updated understanding of the project being untaken.

By incorporating digital technology in bathroom and kitchen renovation services, our aim is to provide our clients with a modern, digital and customised renovation process that considers every need and requirement of theirs.

We are driven about serving all our clients and have proven to be the ultimate destination for all kitchen, bathroom and home renovations and remodelling services.
Our expert team is here to help you create the home/kitchen/bathroom of your dreams.

No matter what your taste is - be it classic, modern or contemporary; our professionals have worked on numerous renovation and remodelling projects of diverse tastes and styles.

Our team of master carpenters, top-rated designers, registered plumbers, licensed electricians and professional contractors, work collectively to turn your vision into reality.

Our priority is offering our clients quality customer service, and we aim to make the entire renovation/remodelling experience for our customers stress-free and enjoyable.

Our priority is never compromising on quality and guaranteed project satisfaction for every client we work with. Our expert team of renovation and remodelling experts guide our clients at every stage of their remodelling/renovation project, use the correct digital tools and ensure that all projects are completed safely and within the timeline.

Why Choose Kaizen Build?

1. Service Guaranteed

Our aim is to complete customer satisfaction. We strive to provide you with the best possible experience when working on your remodelling and renovation projects from start to finish.

2. Never Compromise On Quality

We use only the highest quality materials and offer our clients quality work that lasts long. All our kitchen and cabinetry get made locally in Ireland. We only use locally sourced materials of the highest quality giving us complete control of the design and quality.

3. Digitised Project Overview 

Our digitised project overview offers our clients an overview of the entire project (start to finish). This helps them stay in total control of their project, including approving and disapproving elements and even making changes to the project before beginning the practical work.

4. Great Turn-Around 

Our team is dedicated to completing all projects we undertake on time, and our goal is to offer our clients with the best possible experience while completing their renovation/remodelling projects without exceeding the decided timelines.

No matter what type of kitchen, bathroom, or home renovation/remodelling design you are looking for, we are here to help you with all your renovation/remodelling requirements. Our team has worked with every budget and design idea, so do not hesitate to contact us with your renovation/remodelling projects today.
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