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We offer a full installation and fitout of your Bathroom including removal, supply and fit. We work with our customers closely to ensure your budget is maximised and vision adhered too.


Renovations & Extensions

House renovations or extensions can be a stressful time but we offer a digitised overview of your project from start to finish, we keep you updated and in control. Our highly skilled team have years of experience in start to finish renovations and extensions. A high level of communication is paramount to a professional service and we pride ourselves in our ability to  do so ensuring that you the customer are always up to date and satisfied with our work.


Exceptional Renovation Services

Are you searching for a house renovation contractor but are not sure where to begin? You must have hired a home renovation contractor in the past and must have had an unsatisfactory experience. You will never have a bad home renovation service experience with us as Kaizen Build provides the best renovation contractor who is skilled, experienced and highly professional.

Our renovation and remodeling services prioritise making your dream become a reality so that you love the home you live in.

Our kitchen renovation company has worked on multiple projects and build customise renovation plans that match your goals, lifestyle and personality.

Our priority is to build a home that you love!


Kitchen and bathroom renovations

With our kitchen and bathroom services, we aim to create the luxurious bathroom and kitchen spaces that are built to last.

We take care of everything from the initial design process through the installation and completion process. Our clients do not have to worry about anything as our house renovation contractor provides a hassle-free process!

Our home remodeling contractors guide you through all elements of your kitchen and bathroom renovations to create a highly functional, creative and beautiful space.

We have worked with all types of budgets, so no matter if you are on a tight budget or have a luxurious budget, our renovation contractor will create a space for you that makes your house more attractive and aesthetically pleasing.


Remodeling services and home renovation services

Home renovations of remodeling are highly stressful times for the entire family. However, when choosing our home renovation services, you never have to worry about stress!

Our home remodeling contractors and renovation team are highly skilled and have years of experience. They have worked on thousands of home renovation and remodeling projects from start to finish. 

Our team has even worked on multiple home extension projects. Our experience, skills, and industry knowledge make us the best in the industry, which is why our clients love us!


Why Choose Kaizen Build?

We at Kaizen Build are passionate and driven to make your home renovation or remodeling dreams a reality. Communication is crucial for any home renovation/remodeling project, and we consider the right communication with our clients essential. We acknowledge your dreams, goals, concerns, queries and doubts and offer you hassle-free renovation services

You never have to compromise your quality time figuring out the next step in your home renovation progress as we support you completely and take care of everything!


We provide our clients with a digitised project overview

The digitised overview offers our clients an overview of their entire project from start to finish. This helps clients stay in complete control of their projects, approve or disapprove elements and even make changes to the projects before the actual work begins.

We only believe in offering our clients quality work that lasts long. Our kitchens and cabinetry are made locally in Ireland. We use locally sourced materials as it lets us completely control the design and quality.


It also ensures that we do not compromise on quality

Our home renovation contractor guides you at every step that helps your renovation or remodeling plans sail smoothly without any complications.

Our team ensures that all home renovations and remodeling projects we undertake are completed on time, which satisfies you completely.

We guarantee complete project satisfaction.

Contact us now to know more about our home renovation services, bathroom and kitchen renovation, and home extension services!

Frequently Asked Question's

A kitchen remodel is a comprehensive, project that usually includes everything from updating the cabinets and flooring to adding a new sink and range. On the other hand, a kitchen renovation is typically a more limited project that may simply involve updating or replacing some of the cabinets and appliances. So it is suggested to consult a proper kitchen renovation company for this.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the cost of a kitchen remodeling will vary depending on the size, layout and features of your kitchen. However, there are some general guidelines that can help you come up with a realistic budget for your project.

Most kitchen renovations take anywhere from one to four months. However, this time frame can vary depending on the size, scope, and complexity of the project. In general, though, most renovations will take between two and four weeks. But in order to get an exact figure consult with a professional who does kitchen remodeling services.

There is no one answer to this question as it depends on your specific situation and kitchen remodel. However, in general, most homeowners feel that it is possible to live in their house during a kitchen remodel, provided that the work is done slowly and carefully by an expert kitchen renovation company.

The remodeling process typically begins with a consultation with the homeowner to map out their desired changes. This includes determining what type of renovation is needed, such as updating the kitchen or bathroom, adding a new bedroom, or completely redoing the home’s interior.

A kitchen remodel can include a variety of changes, from new cabinets and flooring to updated appliances. However, the majority of the time, a kitchen remodel includes updates to the cooking area itself.

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